How often should I have Reflexology?

This is a question I often get asked and it’s a tricky one as not one size fits all. The frequency of Reflexology treatments varies for each individual. Generally, weekly sessions are advised until an improvement in symptoms is observed. Following this, the gap between sessions can be extended to fortnightly, then to 4 weekly or monthly, depending on the person’s response and health condition. The number of treatments required also depends on the type of symptoms, with chronic issues necessitating a longer treatment period. Most individuals experience positive changes within 3-6 sessions.

Why regular sessions are important 

Preventative self-care

Maintenance sessions are often scheduled monthly to uphold progress or for relaxation and personal time. Recognizing when you feel a bit off due to life’s challenges indicates the need for another treatment to restore balance. The significance of preventative self-care is increasingly understood, considering the impact of stress, environmental factors, emotional strain, and fatigue on health. Opting for regular reflexology sessions as a preventive measure is effective in maintaining good health and well-being. A well-balanced body is better equipped to resist illnesses.

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