Treatments and Therapies offered

Facial Reflexology

Foot and Hand Reflexology


Menopause support

All treatments will take place in the comfort of my treatment room based in my home in Holybourne, Alton in Hampshire GU34 4HY. The room is on the ground floor and there is a place for you to park on my drive.

On Wednesdays you will find me at The Hive; Hair, Beauty and Wellness @ 12 Westbrook walk, Alton, United Kingdom.

Please allow 15 minutes extra time for your consultation on initial appointment.
By making a booking for a treatment you are agreeing to my Terms and Conditions which are available here.

Foot Reflexology (50 mins)
Express Foot Reflexology (30 mins)
Foot Reflexology for children*
20 mins
30 mins
40 mins

Tranquil Facial Reflexology
(40 mins)
Hand Reflexology
(30 mins)
Reiki (30 mins)£35

* Children are classed as being 11 years or under

Deluxe packages

Indulgent relaxation
Foot Reflexology and Reiki

80 minute treatment which includes; 50 minute Foot Reflexology & 30 minute Reiki –  £65.00

Restorative Harmony
Facial Reflexology and Reiki

70 minute treatment which includes; 40 minute Facial Reflexology & 30 minute Reiki – £70.00

Revitalise from top to toe!
Foot Reflexology and Facial Reflexology

90 minute treatment which includes; 50 minute Foot Reflexology & 40 minute Facial Reflexology.  – £80.00

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